Ferrari F430 Spider

The Ferrari F430 Spider has been ranked 1st for residual values in a list of the Top 20 convertibles as calculated by leading automotive business analysts, EuroTaxGlass’s. With an incredible retained value of 97% after 1 year, the exclusive Ferrari F430 Spider was a clear winner, demonstrating the continuing appeal of the Prancing Horse amongst discerning clients who desire the most stylish convertible where the only thing to drop quickly is the roof.

From closed to fully open in only 20 seconds, the F430 Spider is the only mid-rear engined drop-top to boast a compact, fully automatic and full-lined electric hood that allows the engine to be seen at all times. This stylistic flourish comes courtesy of a soft top system designed to take up very little space indeed. The hood itself is also available in a range of four colours: black, navy, beige and bordeaux.

“With a waiting list of around two years, the F430 Spider is one of Ferrari’s most popular models in the UK, so it is no surprise that EuroTaxGlass’s ranked this car in first place ahead of the competition,” said Massimo Fedeli, Managing Director of Ferrari GB. “In fact, we now offer customers of pre-owned Ferrari cars, purchased through the Official Ferrari Dealer Network, complete peace of mind with the Ferrari Approved programme which includes a comprehensive 190-point inspection and a full Ferrari warranty.”