MotoGP - New regulations

From 2007, for a minimum of 5 years

Engine size - this will be a maximum of 800cc and only a 4-stroke engine will be allowed

Fuel tank - this will be reduced in capacity to 21 litres.

From now
Ride through procedure - during the race the rider will be required to ride through the pit lane, without stopping. The rider may then rejoin the race.

Communications - No two way radios are to be used

The Grand Prix commission of Carmelo Ezeleta, Calude Danis, Sito Pons and Takanao Tsubouchi in the presence of Paul Butler unanimously decided to introduce the modifications to the Road Racing World Championship Grand Prix regulations (MotoGP) at a recent meeting.

The move to smaller engines from the current 990cc ones is designed to counteract the ever increasing speeds which now are well in excess of 210mph at the circuits with reasonable length straights. All the motorcycle race teams will be developing new smaller engined machines which will reduce the top end speeds, though not the racing excitement. At the recent Catalunya race, the times were 2 seconds a lap faster than the previous year, so it was inevitable that measures had to be put in place to stop the spiralling effect of faster and faster motorcycles.

It is expected that the reduced engine sizes will reduce the top end speeds and enable the racers to have a slightly more even race, provoking more overtaking on the corners and getting the factories to make bikes that are more fuel efficient.